Unusual animals and other pets needing a new home

Bubble and Kiki

Bubble and Kiki are very cute budgies. They eat bird-seed and loose bits of fruit and vegetables. They love to sit on the perch made for them in the cadge.

Bubble and Kiki love to perch on shoulders and Hands. You can come and meet them. They will be waiting to see you. They are £40 including feed, cage and a free vet-bills. Can you come and take them home?


This is Eddie the parakeet we found him in a garage in his cage hanging up by a hook looking quite sad we could not hear noises so we assumed that the previous owner had left him confused and stressed so we bought him to the centre he is looking for a home that likes clattering all day long but that probably will not happen anyway.

Eddie is 6 years old he loves attention and cuddles you will love him everyday because he will say "hello, had a good sleep,sleep" says Eddie to you every day. So, when you see this sort of bird you will know it is him. He likes a draughty room. He likes to talk and eat or be with you even if you are unhappy.

A donation of £90 is asked for Eddie.

Emily and Smiley

Emily and Smiley love swimming away and they work as a team to do very cheeky things. They like to blow lots of bubbles.

They prefer to have their own tank, rather than sharing it with the other fish. They are £10. Come and take them home?

Harry, Abbey and Rachel

Harry the plec lives in the bottom of fish tanks and normally eats courgette slices. He lives with Abbey and Rachel the goldfishes.

They eat different foods like the goldfish food is flaky bits of it we offen get cleaned out by Abbey cooper.

A donation of £25 is asked for all three fish.

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