Dogs needing a new home


Spot loves human cuddles.

In his old home, he was constantly ignored and told off when he licked. The next door neighbour noticed that and phoned us. Before we got there, his owners decided to abandon him. He was found, eventually and taken to us to start a new life.
He is £80. Can you give him the home he needs?


Honey is very cheeky! She loves to have small bits of bacon put in her dinner.

Honey loves human attention and is a bit frightened of new people. She would love cuddly, warm home. She is always found with her little toy teddy. Honey loves looking after her soft teddy. Sadly, her owner died shortly after going to hospital. She is £85. Can you her the ideal home?

Scamps and Lola

Scamps loves to play with his best friend, Lola.

Lola and Scamps have been neutered, so they won’t be having any pups. Scamp and Lola are inseparable. They were found together cowering in a bush.
We rescued them, and they are now very happy together. They act like twins, rolling and stalking each other round their play-pen.


Wooffels is a springer spaniel who likes collecting game birds - and is very good at it.

Woofles want to be a cutiepie and sometimes apparently hates catching game-birds -so he is very mixed up and needs psycholgical counselling. A nutty dog. He loves collecting children, too, and will be a great family pet.


Lucky is a border terrier whose owner died in a tragic boating accident. Lucky is a good swimmer and she survived by swimming to the shore.

So Lucky arrived at our rescue centre needing a new home. She loves children and will be a great family pet.

She is nearly two years old . We ask for a donation of eighty pounds for Lucky.

Smokey is a old English sheepdog puppy who needs a new home as the farmer has enough sheepdogs already.

Smokey is still living on the nearby farm at the momemnt - waiting for a new owner to come and get him. He will need lots of long walks.

He is just 4 months old. We ask for a donation of ninety pounds for Smokey.



Jade is a border collie who was a trainee sheep dog and one day her owner threw her out because she didn't do it very well.

So jade came to our rescue centre. She loves people. Every person who comes to us she greets by licking them hoping that they will adopt her as a pet (and we hope so as-well).

Jade loves walks by the forest and will happily play in the water and when you throw sticks in the water she will always find it. We ask for a donation of fifty pounds for Jade. She is 1 year old.


Patches is a great Dane puppy. She is very lovable you will love her personality when you are out for a walk with her. Patches loves attention and play time.

You will need a dog gate because she will chew stuff up. Don't put her in your bed with you at night, but in a dog crate with water and some dog treats and old blankets or thick sheets in the bottom of the crate if possible.

We ask for a donation of sixty pounds for Patches. She is 5 months old.

James and Buttons

James and Buttons are our newest Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppies.

They were bought here because their old owner couldn't look after them. They are inseparable, so we put them both in the same cage with all their toys.

They are 9 months old we are still looking for a home for them. Please tell me at school if you want them.

They are £50 for both but we can only place them together.

Jo and Ella

These shitzu puppies are called Jo and Ella.

They were abandoned in a flat their owner had left them in there with no food or water.

The neighbour came back to their flat when they heard barking they took keys that where hanging up and opened the door and found the shitzu puppies and brought them to us.

They need a home !!! We ask for a donation of seventy pounds for both (they must stay together).


This is sally the Jack Russell Terrier puppy. She is 5 months old.

Sally loves company around other dogs or puppy's but is a bit vicious sometimes around huskys. She loves other pets like guinea pigs or hamsters or gerbils. Sally hates cats because they are annoying and scary. She loves walks in the forest or in fields partly full of sheep or even a hill like Criffle.

We ask for a donation of £50 for Sally.

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