Small animals needing a new home


This is Ellie the long haired guinea-pig, aged 3. When she first came to Imaginary Pet Rescue Centre she was really scared.

Later when she saw her other friend called patch he was a boy. He had been neutered so he couldn't have babies and a few years later a family adopted him and was sold to a mum who had two children age 5 and age 10 and lived happily ever after.

We ask for a donation of £20 for Ellie.

Katie and Jasper

Two guinea pigs called Katie and Jasper won the guinea pig Olympics 2009. A member of staff called Abbey Cooper watched them.

Loads of dogs were there to especially huskys and they were ok but needed someone proper to look after because we were a foster family to them.

If you want one of them we ask for a donation of £15 for one or £25 for both, so please tell me at school please. They are 2 years old each.


This is Belle the hamster she was found in a cage in a back garden at 90 Applesworth Lane KH2 8QX. She was extremely scared and she was hiding in her bed and squeaking.

Belle loves carrots or cabbage or even lettuce.

We ask for a donation of £15 for Belle.


This is Vanilla the dwarf rabbit that was a house one.

She was very sick she had hurt her left back foot badly when she had fractured it. We immediately took her to the badly hurt vet place she is in a pen at the rescue centre.

Please come and see her if you want to - she already reserved by a prossible new owner. She is a lively pet to have and loves attention.

We ask for a donation of £40 for Vanilla.


Tom the gerbil is friendly and likes people who play with him at night-time when is is in his most playful mood. His owners could not look after him when he became too big for his cage. He is now very tall.

He is looking for a large home to live in, preferably near a desert, which is where he likes to live most. He can jump very high and when a 3 metre-high gerbil lands on top of you, you know he is there all right!

We ask for a donation of £1000 for Tom who is most unusual.


He loves to roll over in sawdust. He loves human attention.

He is very interactive with children, and would make a great present for animal-lover girls. His main hobby is hiding from the vet. He thinks it’s a game.

He is £15. Can you give him a loving home?


Easter loves a cuddle!

She loves to eat carrots, apple and lots of straw. Easter likes to burrow in her grass.

Her black and white fur is very soft. Easter’s main hobby is eating lots of straw (Wet or not).

“Easter is very cute. I love her!” lots of passers by said.

She is £40. Can you give her a cuddly home?

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