Cats needing a new home


Jono is a young ginger neutered male cat, 4 months old.

He has a very nice nature and is very friendly towards people. He likes lots of attention.

He We ask for a donation of forty pounds for Jono.

Frisky, Spangles and Wellington

Frisky, Spangles and Wellington were found in a barn. Their coats needed a lot of attention, and their new owners should continue with this care.

They love being gently groomed. Spangles and Frisky love fish, but Wellington prefers biscuits. They are all hunters and will help you keep mice away. Beware of birds.

Donations required: £80 for 3, £70 for 2, or £50 each.


Biscuit needs a lot of TLC to make up for all the neglection that has happened in his life.

Biscuit doesn’t like new people at first, but he will turn into a very loving cat. He likes his food to be mostly the same and he can get insecure if offered lots of different things. He is £80. Can you give him a loving home?


These are abandoned kittens. 3 tabby & white and 2 gingers. They are looking for individual, caring homes! Their names are Ginger, Muffin, Sandy, Scamp and Ziggy. They are £80 per kitten. Can you give them a forever home?


Whiskers has a lovely, calm temperament and loves to be around children. He is ideal for a family with children any age, as long as the child knows how to handle a cat right.

She is very cuddly and doesn’t like hunting. She is £80. Can you give her a forever home?

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