Horses and ponies needing a new home


Patch is a lovely Pony. He is very frisky!
His main hobby is being very cheeky. He would like a small, confident rider. He is in very good condition here. He loves to eat anything he can find, as well as finding that nibbling the lead-rope is great fun. He is 14 hands high and is £130.

He needs some TLC. Could you give him the ideal home?


Blaze was a racehorse that retired and was brought to us.

She likes to have a peaceful ride each day.

She would love to live with another horse or pony. In our experience, she would love to live outdoors. She is a 15 hands-high chestnut gelding. She is £150. She needs some TLC. Could you give her the ideal home?


Strawberry is a very loving horse. She is a saddle-bred Strawberry roan.
She has had her foal, and wont be expecting anymore. She is 16 hands-high and is appropriate for a rider that can handle horses.

Strawberry loves to be in her stable, but will want to see the outdoors a lot. She loves meeting new people that might be her owners one day. She is £200.

Could you give her the ideal home?


Starlight is good with all aged children.

Hed love a home where he can be ridden every day. Hes loves jumping and Dressage. He is a palomino pony. He is 13 hands-high.

He is £100. Could you give him the ideal home?


Moonflower loves to do jumping courses.

She is looking for a young, comforting rider. She loves cuddles. She prefers to stay outside, not much in the stable. She is well looked after here.

She is £100. Can you give her an ideal home?


Pebbles is a pony who loves grass or hay bales also needs a stable and a bucket to clean muck out of the stable and a brush and a little trough of water.

Pebbles is a loving, cuddly pony you can ride Pebbles to shows or anything like that.

She is always happy if she feels sad she will not listen to you. If you're sad she'll nuzzle you and try to make you happy she loves people.

A donation of £125 is asked for Pebbles.


Frisky the pony is nervous when with new people but once he gets used to someone he is very loyal.

Frisky is 10 hands high and 2 years old and loves to graze with other ponies.

A donation of £140 is asked for Frisky.


Smudge the horse gets very exited at anything he loves - his carrots and especially hay and loves tickling under the chin.

He used to be a farmers horse but he got to old to work so she came to us loads of people passed her because the age was over what they wanted one smaller than the one.

Smudge is 12 hands high and 9 months old most people want 5 hands high and 6 months old ones he loves grassy big gardens and loves to graze with other ponies or horses all day long. At night I like to lay down on my hay bale bed I can share a stable with another horse or pony but we will probably not share territory though so they will often choose a new favourite spot.

A donation of £180 is asked for Smudge.

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