Naomi's Saddle Club Members


Abbie is 9 years old and is the owner of the club, great fun, rather mischievous and very supportive of the other members. Watch out if she is leading the trek - you never know where you may end up or what adventures she may lead you into. Life will never be dull with her in the lead!


Rowan is 7. Her horse-riding skills are improving. She would really like to be in charge of everything to do with the club. Her Karate skills are useful when dealing with baddies.


Naomi is 11 years old and is the founder of this Saddle Club.
Some friends know her by her middle name, Lisa.
Some know her as "miss bossy boots", especially regarding telling the other members that they have not properly looked after their ponies. "Groom your pony again!" she is often heard to say.

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