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Pictures and other documents will be posted here from time to time. The photos here were taken on 3rd June 2016.


We were delayed in 2014 by the electricity company (SPEN) taking 8 months to move our electricity pole which was right in the way of the foundations. They wanted to underground it, taking it across the road to the high-voltage pole with our own transformer on it, which would have about trebled the cost. In the end we negotiated a good deal and we dug the cable trenches along the verge and conduited them and SPEN did the road crossing plus laying the new cable. At one point they had 4 vehicles and 12 people on site!

From trenches and concrete foundations in December 2014 and with a few big gaps due to weather and, later, a building regulations delay because we made a traditional cut roof instead of using flimsy factory-made trusses, the work is nearly done. It has a double bedroom, shower (etc) room and a large new lounge (approx. 5 x 7 metres; 16 x 22 feet). Friends and relations are now more than ever welcome to come and stay for a break.

The last two years have been dominated by building work on our highly insulated extension. Iain, our friend down the road, who does a lot of building work for a living and has a store of good practical knowledge has been doing much of the work with Alasdair helping him. Alasdair was also responsible for planning, designing (and re-designing), installing plumbing and electrics.

Some photos of different stages can be viewed - See: Stage photos.

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